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Greetings all, and welcome to Léonie Says. I say a lot of things, and now I shall be sharing them with you, my lucky readers. But who is this Léonie, you might be asking. Who is this weird opinionated person who is talking at me through the screen of whichever electrical device is my current preference/most conveniently nearest me? Most importantly, what is she saying and why is she saying it to me? Well, I’ll tell you.

I’m an island grown* actress, writer and all-around creative individual, currently living in Vancouver, BC and pursuing the dream of doing what I love for fame and fortune, or at least for enough money to live under a roof and eat regular meals. I’m a voracious reader, make jewellery and accessories in my spare time, dabble in politics and social justice, and watch fewer movies than I should. The most important thing about me, however, is that I am, above anything else, a storyteller, and that is why I’m writing to you here. Léonie Says is a way for me to share with you the stories that I read, write, witness and am inspired by. It is a place to discuss theatre and film, acting and literature and life, and a place to share my opinions on what it takes to create and tell a good story and what it means to be a creative professional.

You may have noticed the comment box underneath this post. This means that you can opinionate right back at me. Please do; I love a good debate. However, let’s try to keep things clean and reasonably adult here. No swearing at people and no name calling, please**, and remember that ‘Because it’s dumb, you dummy!’ is not a useful counter argument.

So it begins.

*which, if I was from the east coast, would probably make me a close relative to the potato. But since we’re talking Vancouver Island, British Columbia, my closest natural relative is the Gary Oak. This makes family dinners slightly awkward.
**unless they really deserve it.

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