In the beginning…

To the best of her recollection, Léonie first took the stage as a star in the Christmas pageant at the First Unitarian Church of Victoria, when she was about two and a half feet tall.* Her first theatrical experience as an audience member occurred when she attended Glenlyon Norfolk School’s production of ‘West Side Story,’ while still not quite long enough for her feet to touch the ground from her seat in one of the auditorium’s stackable chairs.

Her first cinematic experiences were with Disney, and she still distinctly remembers hearing the non-PC version of ’Arabian Nights’ in ’Aladdin,’** although she has been repeatedly assured that this is not in fact possible. Her favourite Disney princess remains Belle, from ’Beauty and the Beast,’ and her favourite Disney cartoon is, as should be obvious to anyone of discerning tastes, ‘101 Dalmatians.’ Duh. Childhood cinematic classics include ’Fly Away Home,’ Coppola’s ‘The Secret Garden,’ and ’Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain.’

Our hero(ine)’s journey

Léonie studied theatre at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. She has played many varieties of maid, from saucy to murderous, dabbled in Shakespeare, and fiddled with the realities of time and space to play such venerable characters as Lorraine in Sam Shepard’s ‘A Lie of the Mind’ and Oestrogyn, Hermia’s hormonal single mother in ’A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’***

I present to you…an actress!

Léonie has studied with The Actor’s Foundry (now The Foundry), and is currently working with Robin Neilsen. She has appeared in independent film productions, student films, and web series. She will be appearing in an independent short in May, and in the web series, Dollar Cinema, which she is also producing, in July. She is in the process of writing and producing her own work, so that she can star in some really cool roles.

She is currently represented commercially by Collingwood Management.

* Literally the star. As in, “What’s this I see hanging out over Bethleham?” Unitarian Universalism is a very…inclusive religion. Besides, they wouldn’t let her play one of the sheep. She’s still a bit bitter.
** ’…where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face…’ You know. The good version. None of this ‘flat and immense’ nonsense.
*** Yes, you read that right.