Musings on artistic vanity

One of the hardest things to do as an artist is to separate oneself from one’s creation. Be it acting, painting, writing, music, dance, whatever it is that we create, that little voice in our head – the one that worries about not looking stupid or unattractive, saying something unflattering, being judged and found wanting – is, I think, the single hardest thing for an artist to overcome. Yet, it is only when we can let go of our self in our art and allow our creation to stand as its own entity, complete and without shame, that we can begin to create something worth sharing, something with a voice of it’s own.* To be an artist is to embrace looking foolish, because the art doesn’t care about the vanity of one person. Art is bigger than that, and art is shameless.

*…Something, perhaps with fewer run-on sentences. So my creative voice is occasionally long-winded. That’s it’s problem.

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